Is it worth creating your own blog and why is it needed?

Let’s imagine that you, for example, have planned a wedding and are looking for a wedding agency on the Internet. We assume that you would not even have planned to contact a vendor who did not have a website. If they were not willing to invest the time and money to create a site or a blog, then you were not willing to invest in them. We firmly believe that blogs are important to a marketing strategy. We have included the three major reasons we think blogs are so vital below.

It allows your consumer to know you as a business and as a person

A website is great for introducing yourself to a consumer, but a blog is a way to have a conversation. Imagine you are a wedding planner; your website may have a list of your services, photos of past events and testimonials from past clients. All of these things are important, but they don’t really set you apart from all the other wedding planners who have the same stuff on their website. Now, if your potential clients can click onto your blog and read about individual events you have planned, your perspective on trends, and anything else you feel like writing about, you are suddenly someone they know. People like to avoid risk and if they can read back through a well-written blog they will feel more like they know you and your work and the risk in hiring you go way down.

It allows you to spend more time with your audience

Your audience will be composed of people who subscribe to your blog and read all the posts, people who visit infrequently and people who just stumble on it. Whatever the type of audience, your blog gives you time with the reader. For example, a reader who subscribes to your blog is presumably at least skimming all of your posts. So, you can really give them great content that makes them stop and interact with your brand. Great content can also turn a casual reader into a loyal follower which can translate into a sale.

Content creates traffic

A well-written blog will increase the traffic to your site. When you are constantly updating your blog you are giving the search engines new searchable content which can help more people find your site. Also, when you have a well written and well-followed blog people will link to it via their social media sites. The more you capture someone’s interest the more they will mention you, this creates a web of readers that may not necessarily have found you otherwise.
There are many other reasons that a blog is important, but in our opinion, these are the three big ones.